Friends of Zeiselmauer


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Purpose of the association:

To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Roman village of Zeiselmauer.
To give the local inhabitants and guests of the municipality the opportunity to get to know this heritage better and to deal with it.
To contribute to increasing the quality of life of the local inhabitants.
In questions of Roman heritage, the association’s board is available to advise the municipal administration on request.
The activities of the association are not aimed at making a profit.

Members of the Board 2022-2024

Alt-Bürgermeister Josef Meyer (Chairman)
Dr. Konrad Schröder (Vice-Chairman)
Heinz Neubauer (Treasurer)
Dr. Dieter Jauschowetz (Secretary)
Dr. Otto Braun (Advisory Board)
Mag. Yvonne Kahry (Advisory Board)
Ing. Karl Ohnewas (Advisory Board)
Dr. Bernhard Kreuz (Advisory Board)

Norbert Payr

All board members are volunteers.

Three founding and board members have unfortunately passed away in the meantime:
Dr. Hans Haslhofer
Mag. Raimund Mair

Fritz Trunkenpolz

Association members:
All persons with an interest in the aims of the association are welcome as members.

The association has around 200 members(2019), 30 of whom do not reside in the municipality of Zeiselmauer-Wolfpassing.

Annual membership fee:
20 €

Financial resources:
The projects and actions of the association are financed by membership fees and donations from both members and the general public.

The association does not receive any subsidies from public funds.

Bank details:
Raiffeisenbank Tulln IBAN AT40 3288 0000 0382 3747, BIC RLNWATW1880

Postal address:
Verein Freunde von Zeiselmauer
c/o Dr. Dieter Jauschowetz, 3424 Zeiselmauer Römergasse 6


Copyright notice:
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